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5 Simple Security Tips

Just as you focus on upgrading various decorative features on your property, it also a good idea to make sure that you have the right type of security systems installed in your home. Break-ins can occur at any point in time and it is important to make sure that your home has a good level of security. There are a number of different access points that criminals use to get into your property such as doors, windows, garages, sliding doors etc.

This also means when you are looking for security solutions, you need to take a 360-degree view and make sure that all of these areas have the right amount of security. Since every feature in your house is different, it becomes necessary to use the right types of locks and security systems to create a safer zone on your property. Here we take a look at five simple security tips.

  1. Maintain Security Of All The External Doors

Keep your front door locked at all times from the inside when you are in the house. This is something you should do without exception regardless of whether you are actually in the house for in your backyard. It doesn’t take long for burglars to walk in through the front door while you are relaxing in some other area of your home.

It’s also important that you add some reinforcements to the front door such as-install deadbolts, strike plates or even a video doorbell or smartlocks/digital locks to the door. The sliding doors are equally important and you should protect these with glass break sensors, specialised door sensors, or install wedges and dowels in the tracks to prevent them from being slid open from the outside.

  1. Focus On Window Security

Maintaining the security of your windows is as important as installing various security features on the doors. If you have old or dysfunctional locks and windows to replace them with key-operated levers. You can also improve the security levels of your windows by installing burglar bars, window bars, window sensors or glass break sensors. Security film also helps improve the security of glass panes.

This application makes glass windows much more difficult to breach. Since the glass doesn’t crack on light impact, intruders have to use much more force and take longer to break the glass. This gives you the time to react and contact law enforcement, in case of an attempted break-in. This film is far more cost-effective compared to installing tempered glass windows.

Plant thorny bushes under all your first-floor windows, making sure that you get them trimmed with regularity. These will also act as a deterrent to criminals.

  1. Properly Illuminate Outdoor Spaces

It’s a proven fact that criminals tend to stay away from properties that are well illuminated. Ensure that all of the outdoor spaces are covered properly with the right types of lights. You can install motion-activated light fixtures as well as set the outdoor lights on timers. The latter are beneficial when you are away from home as the lights can be set to get switched on and off at regular intervals.

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