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Different Types of Door Locks

Door locks come in different shapes and sizes, configurations and levers. Some can be installed on the door while others are standalone features that can simply be fitted to a door when you need it. Since there are many different types of locks available on the market, it’s best to have some understanding of what these are and which doors they can be fitted on. Your locksmith can also give you some information about the types of locks and which will be best suited to your needs and application. Some of the commonly used locks are:

  1. Mortice Locks

These are commonly used on exterior doors of a property and are suitable for front doors, screen doors etc. Look for mortice locks with five or more levers as these provide a higher level of security for the external doors of your house.

  1. Nightlatches

These are commonly used as secondary locks and there are two types to choose from- standard and nightlatches. Standard locks tend to open up automatically unless you move the snib to hold it back. If you opt for a deadlock nightlatch, you would need a key to open the door from the inside and the outside. It’s important that you have another primary latch on a door with a nightlatch.

  1. Multi-Point Lock Systems

These systems have three locking points and are used on UPVC doors. Once the key is turned, all the three points lock simultaneously. Multi-point lock systems are perfect for exterior doors like garage doors, patio doors etc.

  1. Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are installed on external doors and can be used for external and internal use. However, it’s important to have some other locking system on the door as cylinder locks can be tampered with using a technique called lock snapping.

  1. Sliding Patio Door Locks

Most patio doors come with these locks, but don’t provide a very good level of security. The doors can be lifted off their runners by thieves and burglars. The one way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to install an anti-lift device in the sliding doors as well as a key-operated patio door lock.

  1. Key-Operated Security Bolt

These locks are typically used on exterior doors like French doors, double doors, and other similar doors. These can be either surface-mounted or installed on the top and bottom of the doors.

  1. Closed Shuttle Padlocks

These locks aren’t easy to break into and they aren’t vulnerable to damage from bolt cutters and saws, making them ideal for chains, sheds and garden gates.

  1. Open Shackle Padlocks

These locks can be used to secure sheds, gates, and lockers. They can also be used for shutter locks, long-shackle padlocks, and straight-shackle padlocks.

Opting for the right kind of locks for the exterior and interior doors in your house will help improve the security levels of your property. You can discuss your requirements with your locksmith, and make sure that old and flimsy locks are replaced with good quality, new ones. You should also consider installing proximity locks, digital locks etc. For information on our excellent, customised locksmith services, feel free to call Campbelltown Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form. We would also like to suggest that If you are looking for the best pest control in Campbeltown then look no further than Bug-Free very loyal & reliable company.

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