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Which Settings Can Master Key Systems Be Used In?

If you own or manage a strata property, commercial building, office building or even an industrial property, managing the security of these spaces can prove to be a massive job. You and your managers need to make sure that specific people have access to specific spaces. For instance, a manager may need access to all the office spaces and some other areas like conference rooms etc. in an office building.

The upper managerial staff and the business owner will require access to other parts of the building as well. Employees and staff members may have restricted access only to areas they need to work in, while the housekeeping staff would need access across the building. Managing all these multiple access levels isn’t an easy job and involves the handling of numerous keys.

If any of these keys get lost, it can compromise the security of your property. One of the best ways to get around this situation is to opt for a master key system. This system will give proper access to different individuals without the need for multiple keys for different doors.

About Master Key Systems

Master key systems are best suited for properties on which multiple levels of access are required. The system will have different keys that provide specific levels of access to different individuals:

  • The change key or the sub-master key is designed or open locks to general areas, that have similar lock systems and is lowest in the master key hierarchy.
  • The master key opens multiple locks within a specific group and can be used to open other locks too. If there are many levels and branches in the system, the master key can be used to access all the areas if required. For instance, the change key may be designed to access the office floors within the building, but the master key could be used to open the office floors as well as other areas too.

It’s important to understand that though these different keys can be used to access the same areas, they aren’t interchangeable. You also have the option to add another level within the hierarchy- a grand master key that could be used to enter every area, room, and floor in the building.

Why Opt For Master Key Systems?

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for a master key system for your commercial or industrial property, such as:

  • These systems offer the convenience of using very few keys to open multiple doors on a property.
  • It’s very easy to allocate access levels to different individuals within your organisation or business.
  • A master key system is custom-designed for you and the manufacturer cannot replicate it on any other property.
  • It is scalable and you can add and make changes as required but would need to get these alterations made from the master key designer.
  • Improves the security levels on your property.
  • If you lose the key, you only have one to replace, rather than multiple ones for multiple doors.

Your master key system is 100% customisable and can be designed to be as basic or complex as you’d like it to be. For any more information about our services or master key system solutions, feel free to call Campbelltown Locksmiths today or connect with us via our Online Form.